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This plant was growing very well,nice green leaves. In sun in the morning. Leaves have now started to turn yellow and the plant doesn't look good. Where am I going wrong?




Ok, firstly check your it too dry or too wet, if that's ok, how long has it been in that pot ?

Do you feed it ? Luckily, Fatsias are pretty hardy and will weather the storm so to speak.

4 Jul, 2015


The lower leaves of Fatsia do go yellow but if it's in a pot perhaps transplanting to a large size would help.

4 Jul, 2015


And they do prefer a little shade, rather than full sun.

4 Jul, 2015


Thank you for the replys
I did think that perhaps it was over dry as I went on holiday and I thought I maybe have over watered it when I came back. So maybe a combination of those?
It's been in the same pot since I bought it last year.
Should I put it in a bigger pot and move it to somewhere with a bit more shade?

4 Jul, 2015


Yes and yes to both your questions in the last paragraph! Needs more root room, and they do very well in shady spots.

4 Jul, 2015


Thank you. That's my job for tomorrow sorted

4 Jul, 2015

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