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my daughter grown an apple tree from pips, its about 7 feet tall and its about 11 years old now and has never bloomed. someone told me I need another tree so I bought one last year which has bloomed and now has apples, but still no luck with the other one.



What you need is a great deal more patience. Apples grown from pips can reach a height of 25 feet or more. They often do not flower for the first years of their life and when they do the apples are, more often than not, small and bitter.
Another Apple tree will have no effect on the flowering and fruiting of the seed tree. The reason for another one is to ensure cross pollination from one tree to another, and for that you need flowers on both.

4 Jul, 2015


Agree with previous answer - apples do not come true from their seed, so when you grow from them, you never know what you're going to get - a thorny 40 foot monster with sour fruit after some years, or a 20 foot non thorny one with reasonable fruits.

4 Jul, 2015

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