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Can anyone recommend a decent strimmer - by which I mean one which doesn't snap every time it hits a dandelion? I'm exaggerating slightly, but my garden is (thanks to a previous owner) a very 'fussy' one so there are plenty of areas where a mower can't get to.
I know it's a safety feature which snaps the plastic line, but is it a function of expense ie the more you pay for a strimmer the thicker its cutting wire? I'm sure no tradesmen would use the rubbish I seem to buy from garden centres - time is money and they couldn't possibly work efficiently if they had to re-feed the wire as frequently as I have to do !



your right tradesmen wouldnt use these cheap rubbish bits of equipment . theres plenty of rubbish sold to people who know know better across the board .tradesmen use petrol ones normaly . you just need to buy a more expensive one with the thicker wire . its not a matter of type as such as size .the smallesst ones are usless .

24 Jul, 2010


mite actualy be worth you ringing a landscape gardener and ask him what he recomends like you say briand .

24 Jul, 2010


Check out the "Garden Centre" section. There are some great reviews of garden tools on there. I don't think it's solely a case of more money better tool, I used a strimmer I bought from Asda for many years (about £15) until finally the motor gave out after doing my heavily overgrown new garden!

25 Jul, 2010


well not always this is true ian but as you get the more industrial ones are motor driven and you can put blades on them was my kind of point and would cut ya ankle down let alone a dandylion lol. always look for a deal for sure . never buy the first one of something you see .

25 Jul, 2010

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