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does anyone know what this is on my Hydrangea it's little white blobs, it's not affected the flowering, but if it's a fungus i would like to know how to treat it.

Hydrangea Hydrangea_1



A type of fungus perhaps ..... someone with better knowledge will know what type.

24 Jul, 2010


looks more like wooly aphid to me. carefully wipe at it , is there a critter inside, or squish it and do you get redy/pink juice [urggh] if yes it is a critter and not fungus. you can treat with insecticide.

24 Jul, 2010


It could also be hydrangea scale, but by now, you should be able to find tiny yellowish nymphs on the underside of the leaves - if you find those, that's what it is - spray with insecticidal soap solution, but make sure you do it when the plant is not in sunlight.

24 Jul, 2010


thank you all for your help, but sorry to say, it has not got either of those symptoms when i wipe some off it just rubs away to nothing ??the plant it self seams so healthy and still has more buds opening.

27 Jul, 2010


Its still hydrangea scale - just means the nymphs have hatched out, leaving the empty egg 'cotton wool' behind. Keep a check next year if you're reluctant to treat, they can overwinter on the bare stems.

28 Jul, 2010


ok bamboo ,thank you for your help,can i buy that at somewhere like B&Q?,as i would like to kill it off this year if poss,thank you for sticking with me.I will get it and keep you posted

28 Jul, 2010


I suspect you might not find insecticidal soap there, you may need a trip to a large garden centre.

28 Jul, 2010


oh ok Bamboo thats no problem ,speak soon

28 Jul, 2010

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