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By Llyn

Can anyone identify my houseplants? It has flowered and the heady perfume is intense only in the evening and night.




Dracaena fragrans. One of the most popular indoor plants of the Victorian era. The Victorians were doing what was never done before and that was bringing the outdoors in with houseplants. They also thought that having plants in the house would convey moral goodness to those living there. Even those these houses had more and larger windows, the amount of light coming into the rooms was low by today's standards so plantings in the Victorian home would have to be those that grew under dim light conditions and would have to survive good amounts of cigar and pipe smoke in the air.

9 Jul, 2015


Many thanks for your reply. This truly is a magnificent perfume. I have the plant in my kitchen and when I open the door in the morning it takes my breath away.

9 Jul, 2015


You are very welcome Llyn and welcome to GOY. You a very lucky to have this plant go into flower so nicely:) I invite you to take a look at my photo section.

9 Jul, 2015

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