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I wonder what this is? A 5' - 6' arrival in my wild bed. Sorry the photo of the leaves is a bit blurred - the slightly ferny looking leaf in the bottom-left quarter is probably the clearest. Thanks for any ideas!

July_9_2015_sunshine_001 July_9_2015_sunshine_002 Leaves_001



Looks like one of the cow parsley related plants. Perhaps not something you want as it will choke out the rest of your wild flowers.

9 Jul, 2015


Thanks Urbanite . . . yes it could be related to cow parsley as there's plenty of that in the wild patch. I've added a third photo to show the difference in the leaves: this new one is certainly a giant.

9 Jul, 2015


Angelica also crossed my mind until you posted a picture of the leaves.
Take a look at to see if anything jumps out at you!

10 Jul, 2015


Thanks again Urbanite . . . a great website. So many of the plants look like mine, but I'm opting for Daucus carrota as I did sow some seed there last year, but expected it to be smaller and more delicate.

10 Jul, 2015


Your very own Jurassic World!

10 Jul, 2015

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