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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Good from both sides as per plan.

Do NOT look at the wall - I didn't get round to it. I set 16 malope tryffida at the front, ( the first flowers I've ever set in my life ), and 12 potatoes behind where they would Be hidden from view and both worked well. The soil was awful and is now rock hard but all went well.

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I like the malope tryffida. Not sure if I can grow those here in New York. What kind of potatoes? I swear I didn't look at the wall. :)

11 Jul, 2015


Someone recommended the flowers to me and if I can grow them in rubbishy ( trash to you !) soil, you can, as I haven't a clue.
Sorry, can't help with the potatoes - I didn't have the sense to keep a record of the names - all I remember is that there were 2 different sorts.

11 Jul, 2015


That's a transformation Hank, and you well deserve it after all the effort. And the wall looks fine. I've always liked those even if folk do say they are dated. We have a long wall of them - too long to paint - and yours looks much better.

11 Jul, 2015


The Malope are over 1 metre tall now except the slow growers at each end ; and the flowers get better every day.
I wonder if there're flowers I could set next year that will come up every year ?

12 Jul, 2015


I recommended them, the Malope, they've done quite well Hank.

Bathgate, they're only an annual, so you'd need to grow them every year from seed...

As for permanent planting Hank, the possibilities are endless - but bear in mind, if you just use 'flowers', most permanent ones are herbaceous perennials, meaning they disappear in winter and you've got a bare border for six months. That also looks to be a very narrow space for planting in, and you'd need to do some soil improvement for permanent planting first too...

12 Jul, 2015

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