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I have some indoor begonias in pots. I am afraid of overwatering them and have them standing on pebbles which I keep moist. The soil at the sides of the pots has dried and shrunk back. The plants look healthy enough but should I give them some water from above. I am misting them.



Hi, stand them in a washing up bowl with water up to the top of the pot, leave them there until the gap at the sides of the pot disappear, then take them out of the water and allow to drain off, when they stop dripping, place them back where you normally keep them, and resume your normal watering regime, Derek.

11 Jul, 2015


If the pots are plastic ones standing them on moist pebbles might not be enough. Just water them normally when the compost gets dry, but its best not to wait until it shrinks away from the pot or it runs straight through.

11 Jul, 2015

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