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I am looking for a name for this plant. It is about 30 inches tall.....I grew it from seed.




It's lychnis chalcedonica

11 Jul, 2015


Thank you Andrew. This is what happens when you get seeds, you forget the name by the time they flower.

11 Jul, 2015


Told it is now Silene chalcedonica for some reason.

12 Jul, 2015


Isn't it also called Maltese Cross?

12 Jul, 2015


Yes and it comes in white and pink too!

12 Jul, 2015


Hi, I've always known this as Lychnis chalcedonica, and it is still listed as such by the r h s, Lychnis coeli-rosa, has been reclassified as Silene coeli-rosa, so not sure this has been reclassified, time will tell, Derek.

12 Jul, 2015


Listed in the Plant List as Silene chalecdonica, Derek.

12 Jul, 2015


Thank you everyone. I decided to stick with Lychnis chalcedonica. It is so annoying when they reclassify plants. It takes me so long to remember a plant name without having to remember a new one.

13 Jul, 2015

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