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I have had a Sarcococca for three years and it is currently in a large pot in my South facing front garden. It flowered just before Christmas with the usual lovely scent. However, over the last few months some of the branches are showing signs of die back. I have made sure that it does not dry out in this hot weather so I am sure it is not parched. A photo is attached. Any ideas please. It is a memorial to my late wife and I would be devastated if I lost it.




The RHS recommends only full shade or partial shade for this (although it can go in any aspect garden) and a sheltered position.

See this web address:

It might prefer less sun/heat. And would probably like to be in the ground?

13 Jul, 2015


Just to echo what has been said above, I would've said a combination of too much sun and being dried out is the cause.

It definately needs to be planted or at least potted on.

14 Jul, 2015


Thanks.I will pot it on and move it somewhere less exposed to direct sunlight.

14 Jul, 2015


I have twice tried to grow a sarcococca in a pot in the shade and each time after a few months they both died. I was told by a horticulturist that this plant does not like to be grown in pots. Both plants were very healthy when planted and watered well with good drainage. I love them for their perfume which in the winter months is staggering.

15 Jul, 2015


Thanks to all replies. I am sorry for the delay since I forgot that I had joined and only rediscovered the site today 4/1/17. My Sarcococca has revived and thrived in full shade in the North facing back garden. It is now nearly half as big again and has quite a nursery of babies from the fallen berries which I will transplant in the spring.

4 Jan, 2017

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