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I found this plant in my mother in laws garden when she passed away last year, it was left in a pot in the driveway looking next to dead itself, I left it in the pot in my kitchen through the winter last year as I believed it was a succulent, I put it out in the same pot this spring and now it has flowers and looks beautiful but I have no idea what it is or if I can plant it in the ground? I'd like to put it in my flower bed but don't want to if it means I have to dig it up before the frost. Can anybody help?




I'm pretty sure its a Lewisia - the link below shows this plant, but as its an American site, it doesn't seem to give the Latin name, so I'm not sure of the variety this one is

It appears to be called Truckee Bitter root in the USA.

The next link will tell you about hardiness for America in particular - I don't know what USDA hardiness zone you're in, but I'm sure you do, so you should find this helpful

Its prime requirement is to be kept bone dry in the centre of the leaves throughout the year, particularly in winter - for this reason, people often plant it sideways in rocky outcrops so that water does not collect there.

14 Jul, 2015


Definitely a Lewisia though I wouldn't want to say which one... As Bamboo has already said do not let water sit in the crown of leaves or they will simply rot off. We have ours planted sideways in the wall of a raised bed.

14 Jul, 2015

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