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Can't seem to understand how to prune apple tree,planted this year but growing well,don't know which growths to prune in case its fruit growing.



Your answer is very welcome,and would like to say thanks for the help.

15 Jul, 2015


What answer? Do share!

15 Jul, 2015


Perhaps it's thanks in advance?

15 Jul, 2015


It's thanks in advance, Landgirl - but I don't have an answer, fruit and veg not my thing... so this person still needs help!

Billmill, if you find no one else answers with what you need, post your question again - and this time, put your thanks in advance in your question, not in the answer box, otherwise people might think you've already got your answer. That's the risk now that you've got 4 'answers' which aren't answers at all, of course - it might mean people don't click on it because they think its been dealt with.

16 Jul, 2015


Right, go to garden and find the apple pruning page. It gives you loads of info. on pruning from a one year old apple tree to a mature one. They all say to prune later in the year or before Spring when the trees are dormant so don't do it now. I've got two miniature trees in pots and expected to have loads of fruit growing up the trunk after I pruned it. Well I have loads of fruit but on branches not down the trunk so something went wrong!

16 Jul, 2015


I did make a mistake in thanking in advance so would like to say THANKS now.

27 Jul, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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