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Maroon Montana?

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I purchased what was labelled as Clematis Montana about two months ago, planted it and it has grown quickly. It has started to flower now, the flowers look like Montana but are a maroon colour (even deeper purple/red than appears in the photo). They are approx. 3 inches across. I thought Montana only came in white or pink and flowered in spring. What is your opinion ?

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If you say the flowers are darker and redder than your picture shows, I'd say what you've got there is Clematis Madame Julia Correvon, a viticella group one which needs pruning to about 10 inches in midwinter, or by mid February at the latest, and not a montana at all... Yet another example of a mis labelled plant, and this is particularly common with Clematis for some reason.

16 Jul, 2015


Thanks for your possible identification. I'm pleased to have a pretty plant as it is, but disappointed that I will have to buy another in order to get the montana that I wanted.

16 Jul, 2015


You could return it, but I'm guessing that won't be easy because its grown on so much.

16 Jul, 2015


Just enjoy the clematis you have - personally I view C Montana as a thug which we have to prune back several times a year to keep under control!

16 Jul, 2015

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