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My husband died recently and in the wreath were some small white flowers which I would like to know the names of to know the name



So sorry for your loss Jean, but without a picture it would be rather difficult. Try contacting the florist, they should be able to help.

16 Jul, 2015


Sorry for your loss, my condolences. Unfortunately, you'd need to post a photo of these flowers for ID purposes if possible. Otherwise, you could contact the florist who made the wreath and ask them.

16 Jul, 2015


Crossed...posted at the same time...

16 Jul, 2015


Great minds and all that Bamboo.

16 Jul, 2015


hi jean im sorry about your loss aswell.could the flowers have been gypsofillia excuse the spelling if its wrong best wishes love.and good luck.

16 Jul, 2015


I can think for 2 plants commonly used in funeral floral displays; Baby's Breath & Lily of the Valley. Could one of these be what you are looking for? I'm sorry for your loss.

17 Jul, 2015


Hi Jean. So sorry for your loss.

Did you take any pictures of the wreath?

You could take a look on......

"White Flowers (by name)" on Pin It

Jackie x

17 Jul, 2015


Thank you to all for your help and kind words. It has been very hard to lose my husband after 54 years together but I amd slowly coming to terms with the loss, and being able to come on sites like this and talk to people has been a great help Luv to all Jean

18 Jul, 2015

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