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My compost bin is a mess. It does not seem to have broken down and it is riddled with ants Any suggestions what I should do



It's too dry if you have ants.

Water it, preferably with diluted urine, to get the composting going.

16 Jul, 2015


Thank you very much for that. I will try it

16 Jul, 2015


It might be a good idea to turn your compost over first,to aerate it,Harry,and see if it's also as dry at the bottom.If it is,watering it by any method isn't going to soak through.. add some water on the layers as you go,but too much will make it a soggy mess. you may already have some decent compost at the bottom,which you could use..

17 Jul, 2015


Errr! Male or Female urine LOL :o}

17 Jul, 2015


Male urine is best, but female will also be useful, Ladyessex. But it sounds to me like it just needs water as much as anything, though Bloomer's suggestion of stirring it to see how damp it is at the bottom is a good idea. If you've got a container with a door at the bottom to remove compost, open it and take some out, see how damp it is or not.

17 Jul, 2015

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