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Can you name this scale insect found on the underside of a small olive tree leaf. The plant is kept outside and ask has yellowing leaves with spots( like rust spots). What can I do?

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It could be a ladybird pupa in which case it's a good guy. If you put ladybird nymph into your search engine there are millions of images for you to compare.

16 Jul, 2015


^^^ That was my first reaction, ladybird pupae, one of the good guys.

17 Jul, 2015


definitely ladybird pupae, don't do any harm.

17 Jul, 2015


Regarding the yellowing leaves and 'rust' spots, a photograph would be very useful, and is the plant in a pot or in the ground? How long have you had it? Have you fed it with anything? Which area of the UK are you in?

17 Jul, 2015

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