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"Pussy Willow"
I had a bouquet of flowers a while back and in it there was some Pussy Willow and it grew roots, is it ok to grow in a pot as I think the root can be evasive & if it was to be put in the ground how big would it grow?



Well that rather depends on which variety of Salix the 'pussy willows' were cut from - Salix vary in height and spread. If it was Salix cinerea, it will eventually get 4 x 4 metres - if it was from goat willow, Salix caprea, that gets 8-12 metres high by 4-8 metres wide.

You made me laugh out loud with your typo of 'evasive' rather than 'invasive'... visions of plants evading capture spring to mind;-))

17 Jul, 2015


Willows won't be happy grown in a pot. Not usually invasive but as Bamboo says, can get very large. The size can be controlled by cutting back hard, they always seem to regrow!

17 Jul, 2015


Thanks for the info, good to know i made you lauf at me expanc LOL had to carry tis 1 on He! He! Now get of the floor and stop rollin about LOL xx

17 Jul, 2015


Not at your expense really - we all make typos or errors here and there, and just occasionally, you get one that's actually funny.... I'm grateful for a laugh wherever I find it these days!

17 Jul, 2015


Thats Oooo Ky x

17 Jul, 2015


Thanks for the info Snoopdog :o))

18 Jul, 2015

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