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Magnolia in container. I am about to move a magnolia Nigra from a large container into the ground. It's been in the pot for about 18 years and doesn't have too many flowers now. It's about 1 metre high and spread of branches about 1 metre. .I know it's pot bound and as the pot is goblet shaped then I will sacrifice the pot ( it's cracked anyway). My Questions are - would I trim the roots before transplanting, when would be the best time. Thanks for all info.



That's the best thing you can do for it. Now is a good time to transfer it to the ground. I hate growing anything in containers - it's like a jail sentence for plants. Smash the pot with a hammer. As soon as it's free from the planter (jail) cut off the bottom 2 inches of roots. Just cut straight through the bottom 2 inches with a cross cut saw. A clean straight cut. Then tease out the rootball so the roots are splayed out - bell shaped.

Now, you need to remove an equal portion from the top growth. Cut out any dead or twiggy and spindly branches. Cut off about 2 inches of growth from each branch all around. Dig the new hole 2x wider then the rootball, not too deep. Magnolias have shallow roots. Amend the soil if necessary. Position in hole as desired & backfill. Your magnolia will thank you next spring.

17 Jul, 2015


Sounds like a plan. Thanks

17 Jul, 2015


Personally I'd wait until autumn to move and then follow Bathgate's advice

17 Jul, 2015

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