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I want an indoor plant for my south facing, sunny kitchen windowsill. It mustn't grow very big and preferably be slow growing. Apart from cacti does anybody have any suggestions please?



You might give African violets a try. They come in different sizes and you will find ones that are a perfect fit for your windowsill. Also, you can try bromeliads or a jade plant. Since it is in the kitchen, you might create a windowsill herb and or vegetable garden...I'm sure that other goy members know which herb and veggies are suitable for the windowsill.

18 Jul, 2015


Hi, Saintpaulia like a bright diffused lght, and a south facing windowsill may be ok in winter, when they like the best light available, what they don't like is full summer sun, bromeliads also like a bit of midday shade in summer, Derek.

18 Jul, 2015


See if you can get hold of Rhoeo spathacea 'Tricolor' - great little plant, easy to root bits when it gets too big, needs sun to keep a good colour. I've got a couple here, but don't really have anywhere sunny to keep them - so far, I've given away several I've rooted up for other people, they look good in a sunny position.

18 Jul, 2015


African violets are nice neat little plants but mine does best on a north facing windowsill. Had you thought of herbs?

18 Jul, 2015


Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I had thought of herbs but they grow far too quickly even when (especially when) picked. I don't want the plant to take up a lot of space and interfere with the taps and window blind.

I'll look out for the Rhoeospathacea that you mentioned, Bamboo. Thank you.

19 Jul, 2015

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