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Some of my plants have had deformed buds and flowers this year - could it be wind damage or 'strayed' weed- killer in the soil?



So have mine. I think it is weather conditions but I'm putting it down to the very dry weather we had when the flower buds were forming.

Others might say differently of course and I'd like to know the reason too.

18 Jul, 2015


Thanks for replying Arbuthnot - it's a relief to know you have the same phenomena and it could be simply weather conditions. I live in a ground floor flat with a small patio garden that is very exposed to the elements. Eileen (Aspiring)

18 Jul, 2015


Late cold and cool temperatures prior to mid June this year may have contributed - what plants are we talking about exactly?

18 Jul, 2015


Hi Bamboo, particularly my oriental poppies (which are over now of course) and Leucanthemums ... My Eryngium looks sorry for itself too.

19 Jul, 2015


Photos would be helpful so we can see what you mean by 'deformed' and 'sorry for itself', but are these plants in pots or in the ground? If you live anywhere south of Watford, they may also have gone short of water... and have you used any weedkiller at all, that you think it might have 'strayed'?

19 Jul, 2015

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