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Please could you help us identify this tree in our back garden?
It is one that was brought as a sapling from Morrisons two or three years ago and we cannot remember what tree it is!

We are having trouble with our next door neighbours, as they are now telling us that it is a weeping willow and needs to be cut down due to the roots. It is approximately 10 feet from our house in our back garden.

Please can you help identify the tree and settle this matter as we will be very grateful to hopefully put this to rest!
It has grown to the height in the pictures and loses its leaves each autumn, growing back in the spring and does not have any flowers or berries.

With many thanks and kind regards

Image Image Image



It is a willow but not a weeping one. Can't be sure which one but probably too big for that site when its mature, and also rather too near the house and fence. When planting a tree in a border remember how wide it will get as well as how tall - when branches overhang into neighbours' gardens it can cause disputes.. As its not going to flower except for catkins I would remove it before it gets big and difficult.

18 Jul, 2015


Thank you very much for your reply!

18 Jul, 2015

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