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My name is Loretta and I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone. 2 weeks ago I added a Musa Basjoo to my tropical tree collection. The tree is approx 7" high. I replanted the tree in the ground 2 weeks ago and it looked great, this week the tree has brown spots on leaves and edges are turning brown. I fed the plant fish fertilizer 5-1-1 last night. I'm still seeing 2 to 3 new leaves per week but their turning brown any dying. I'm confused at this point where to go. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Don't know what your current day and night temperatures are - that could be a factor if they're low at night time. Whether the plant gets a lot of sun might be an issue, as its so small currently, and watering is quite tricky to get right - it likes to be moist, but in free draining soil, so not sitting in wet ground, but not drying out completely all the time. It doesn't look as if you made much preparation of the ground before planting - it looks as if you simply dug a hole in grass and planted. This isn't usually a good idea - water tends to accumulate in the hole because the area around has not been cultivated or broken up, so the water finds its way into the hole because there's less resistance there, and this plant will not like having wet feet all the time. It might be worth digging the plant up, then making proper preparation in that area and replanting.

The following links are worth reading - the picture shown in the second link of a small plant like yours looks remarkably like yours does, with the same brown markings. You'll need to highlight the links and right click, select whichever option suits... Hold off on the fertilizer until the plant is recovered - it won't absorb it properly anyway while its suffering.

18 Jul, 2015


I live in northern Alabama and our daytime temps are around 95 and evening temps are between 70-75. The soil mixture I used was dehydrated horse manure, sand, vermiculite and small amount of peat moss.

18 Jul, 2015


It does rather look like scorch Loretta. Do you think you might have given it a strong drink during the heat of the day? I don't live in the tropics (ha ha ha...I live in Scotland!) but your plant looks just like my hydrangeas when I've given them a foliar feed and then the sun has come out unexpectedly and burned them.

19 Jul, 2015


Loretta, are you saying you dug a hole and then filled it with the soil mixture you describe, then planted into that? Because if you did, I recommend you take the plant out and dig over an area 4 times the size of the plant, turning in your mixture, then dig a hole and plant the Musa again, watering it in afterwards.

19 Jul, 2015


Ok i removed plant from current hole and dug a larger one and included mixture and gave it a good watering. Hopefully plant does better within a few days. I didn't feed it just water it. How long should I wait before I can feed it?

19 Jul, 2015


You fed it on the 17th July, today's the 19th - wait a week at least. Well done for acting so quickly, by the way, hope the information in the link was of some use.

19 Jul, 2015


Thank you for sending me the link, it was very informative. I definitely will wait before feeding to see how the plant does.

20 Jul, 2015

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