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having found this fungus growing in a pot with an indoor geranium,ca you please identify?




Nope, the pic's too blurry, but it doesn't really matter which fungus it is unless its honey fungus anyway. What it does mean is that the soil has been wet enough for the mycelium in the compost to produce a fruiting body or two (i.e., the mushrooms) which would indicate the soil is either too wet or isn't draining properly.

19 Jul, 2015


You often can't identify a mushroom just from the top of the cap anyway. In some cases you need to see the gills, the base of the stem and sometimes a cross section of the whole thing. Does it have a strong smell rather like radish? If the cap gets a bit wet is it slightly sticky?Is the stem slightly floury?

Only asking these things to check if its a very common one one popularly called poison pie (don't panic, only poisonous if you eat it...)
It looks as though there is a whole group of them coming too so best to remove them.

19 Jul, 2015

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