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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Cucs - have I got it wrong ?
My cucumber plants are growing well, but only 1 cucumber is almost ready on each and none of the small ones are growing.
Does leaving the large one on prevent the others growing ?
This happens every year.



When I grew them in the greenhouse, I preferred the younger smaller ones and picking them did seem to encourage more to grow. However you then have the problem (or not) of having so many cucumbers that you find yourself giving them away on a daily basis. This was with only two plants.

20 Jul, 2015


A photograph of the plant would be very useful, Hank, particularly showing the ones which aren't growing. Is it growing outdoors, this plant, or under glass?

What happens to the smaller ones which aren't growing - do they go yellow and drop off or shrivel up?

20 Jul, 2015

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