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Help - can anyone advise how to identify the cause and limit the spread of a disease affecting my Viburnum tinis (spirit) hedges? The leaves have holes as if eaten by caterpillars - although I can't find any caterpillars or insects. New leaves are attacked soon after they grow. The foliage turns brown and the whole hedge looks really poorly and bedraggled. Have attached two photos.

Viburnum2 Viburnum1



Does the plant smell utterly disgusting? In which case you have a bad attack of Viburnum beetle. Very difficult to eradicate. You need to spray both sides of the leaves with a suitable insecticide.
I cannot find any other problem from which Viburnums suffer where there are similar symptoms.

20 Jul, 2015


Definitely Viburnum Beetle, and as OB says very difficult to eradicate. I tried spraying my Viburnum with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer but it didn't kill all the beetles and the problem got worse. I've taken it out now and planted something else.

20 Jul, 2015

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