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My Mum recently passed away and I would like to get a memorial tree for her in our garden. My concern is that planting a tree in the garden means that it won't be transportable if we move house. Not that we have any plans to, but you never know what's around the corner. So I would like a tree that I can keep in a large pot.

I love Acers but I can't seem to keep them for long! I have a huge fondness for exotics/tropical like plants/palms and also love the beauty of something like a Laburnum. Do you have any suggestions of a suitable tree that I can keep in a pot? It can grow to 7/8/9ft or so but as long as we can move it if we really had to.

Thank you in advance.



Not many trees will appreciate being confined to a pot. I've dedicated trees in new woodland and in a green cemetery where I can always go and visit, you could consider something like that.

20 Jul, 2015


Thank you. I agree and we have an arboretum close by in a perfect location next to a river where we used to walk as children but they have stopped dedicating trees due to council cuts. :(

20 Jul, 2015


A laburnum will be relatively happy in a container - you just need to get the pot size right, potting on every couple of years until you get to the biggest container you have space for. Aim for a half barrel at least - an old dolly tub is ideal if you can get one or, if you are close to a brewery a large beer keg (preferably empty, haul it round to a friendly car repair shop - or anyone else with an acetylene torch - and ask them to cut off one end and cut some drainage holes into the other end). You should be looking at a container at least 2ft in diameter and about 3ft in height - you can allow the laburnum to spill over the sides.

20 Jul, 2015


There is a dwarf lilac that only grows to five feet - I think its called Pixie. You can also get small standards. have a lok on google for Dwarf Lilacs - here's one to start you off;

20 Jul, 2015


Dwarf European Fan Palm, Chamaerops humilis

20 Jul, 2015


Thank you everyone for your help, it's very much appreciated and I love all your suggestions!

21 Jul, 2015

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