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Have recently moved to another house and there are Hydrangias in the garden that look very healthy but doesn't have any flowers on, can you explain this ?



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21 Jul, 2015


It is with deep regret that I have to advise you, Jeanniebabe, that the answer has not altered from the one posted earlier today the first time you asked this question, even though it is apparent you're not content with the answer.

21 Jul, 2015


Unfortunately, as you've not just moved into the property, there's no way of knowing what the problem is - possible problems have been put forward in response to your earlier question. You'll just have to accept that this year you may not get any flowers (although some hydrangeas are only just coming into bud). You might want to take a look at the RHS advice

You probably won't know what types of hydrangeas you have (unless they are obviously oak-leaved or climbing) so best not to prune this winter except to remove any dead wood.

21 Jul, 2015


That should have been "unfortunately as you've only just moved ...."

22 Jul, 2015

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