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By Tercol

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

2 conifers are def on way out, I do water them but also the heathers which were bought from the garden centre are going brown too, the grass is green around them and nothing has been sprayed there. I added water retaining crystals to the soil before planting and water them. In the other border which is at least 50m away last year I planted 7 good size lavenders which grew lovely this year 2 have died and a third is on its way out I water and feed the border, the dahlias and shrubs, climbing roses on the back and a larch tree to one side are all thriving so why the lavender? the plants are maximum 2 yrs old about 18in across, so not huge plants .I was hoping to get them to all join together to soften the border



When you say you water, exactly how do you water (watering can, hose with a gun or spray on the end, sprinkler?)

And how often have you been watering in whatever way you do it during the last 3 months?

How did you prepare the borders or beds before you planted in them?

Are the dahlias and shrubs you mention which are doing well in full sun all day?

When did you plant the lavenders? When did you plant the conifers and heathers?

Sorry, a lot of questions, but can't help without this information.

22 Jul, 2015


First thought is that the lavenders simply cannot compete with dahlias, trees and climbing roses. For one thing, larches prefer acidic soil while lavender will do better in neutral to alkaline soil.
Lavenders, being Mediterranean plants prefer poorer soils while dahlias require rich soil.

22 Jul, 2015

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