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Sorry state of my Salix Kilmarnock tree. Have had this tree for 6 years and it's by the front door. Looks unhealthy-possibly water deprived? Can't find any mildew or infestations. Any ideas?




I'd prune it back so that the branches are a foot off the ground and remove all the dead branches. Then water well and keep watering well.

23 Jul, 2015


That is what I would do too!

23 Jul, 2015


Thank you guys. Looks to me its been water deprived too.

23 Jul, 2015


It also seems very dense. Possibly not enough light is getting to the center. After cutting back, I would remove 1/3 of the branches from the center, or divide.

23 Jul, 2015


You can't divide a willow tree Bathgate. However, cutting back and watering should solve the problem.

23 Jul, 2015

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