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By Miansu

London, United Kingdom Gb

i did ask about taking cutting from hydrangers -has nobody any ideas ?
would appreciate a response thankyou



Hi Miansu,
I take cuttings around about now. chose a non flowering stem with 3 prs of leaves. cut below the leaf 'joint so you have a cutting with 6 leaves. remove the bottom pr of leaves and if they are big leaves the next pair too. dip the stem into rooting powder and place cuttings into a gritty compost. I usually plave 4-5 cuttings around the rim of a three inch pot. I then water well and pop a 2lt pop bottle [with its bottom cut off and the top unscrewed] over it like a mini propagator. I then just make sure they get plenty of light but not too hot. in a bout 3-4 weeks there should be rif not repeat again in august/september or then again in march/april.

can I just say we are a social garden forum and not a 'true gardening question service' so any advice is from our own experience. As it has been good gardening weather many of us are gardening. So you may find questions take several days to get answered.

Hope my method works for you. I works for me 90% of the time.

24 Jul, 2010


I asked this very same question the other day . Go to my questions and see the link I was given Miasu. Ah SBG has given you and me another idea.on how to do it . Thanks from me SBG x

24 Jul, 2010


...and "Thank you" from me, SBG, as I need to do some too!

24 Jul, 2010


thankyou all for replies will try your method
seaburngirl thankyou miansu

24 Jul, 2010

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