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I have two gooseberry bushes leveller that have large fruits this year one is alright the other one has gone a light yellow colour and the fruits are quite small they are both in the same area am I doing something wrong ?

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You are not doing anything wrong or both bushes would be affected. I'm wondering if something is getting at the roots - it doesn't sound good. I would take a couple of cuttings from the other bush when you do your winter prune - just stick them in the ground, they take very easily. If the other bush continues to fail I'd dig it up. There are some wonderful new varieties, many with mildew resistance and even one or two thornless ones.
If the small berries are good enough to use pick them now so as not to waste them, and it will also free the bush to use its strength on the leaves. Good luck.
Sue (gooseberry addict)

25 Jul, 2015

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