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I tipped about half a bucket of ready mixed wallpaper paste near to some plants/shrubs/trees in the back garden.
Would it cause any damage to them?
Thanks, Steve



I would flush it out with the garden hose. Let it run over the same place for about 15 minutes. The paste is water soluble.

25 Jul, 2015


I'm sure i've heard of people putting flower or veg seeds in wallpaper paste and then putting the mix into an icing bag before "piping" the mix into a row or drill to give even seed distribution

25 Jul, 2015


So have I Badfish but I doubt it will do established plants/shrubs any good... flush away with water as suggested by Bathgate.

25 Jul, 2015


as paper paste is usually starch based it wont do any harm. I seem to remember OH doing something similar and it didn't do any harm. looked a bit weird for awhile especially when it rained and rehydrated a bit.

I 've also sowed seeds in paste. it worked really well.

25 Jul, 2015

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