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The tree in question is not an evergreen! it's quite open, cant seem to see what the problem is...there are four different trees all with big gaps, one in each corner of the garden are conifers totalling two!




25 Jul, 2015


You need to put this under your original question or no-one knows what you're talking about.

25 Jul, 2015


Commented on your original question.

25 Jul, 2015


As Camomile says, it's better to add a comment to your original question but it would also help if you could add some photos showing your boundaries - particularly the trees and where they are in relation to your neighbours.
To add photos go back to the original question and you should see a button that says "update question".

25 Jul, 2015


I just went to your original question of two days ago, we really needto find out the variety of tree, a photo of the tree and close up of leaf and branch would help identify them, failing that a detailed description.
at the moment on my oaks you can see tiny acorns appearing and on the horse chestnut the conkers are growing, even the Rowans have berries.....lots of clues....

26 Jul, 2015

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