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Azalea leaf fungus. Can I prevent my other azaleas catching this? I have 4 azaleas, bought from the same source 3 years ago, all planted in the ground, BUT, one has contracted this fungus this year. Not sure why this particular azalea has grown the plasticky fungus. I'm hoping I can prevent the others succumbing. I've chopped all branches and leaves of the sickly azalea. Do I need to dig it up? Can I keep the others?




All you needed to do was remove the galls as soon as you noticed them, preferably before they became covered in white fungal spores. Windborne infection, overwinters on twigs and in soil. Doesn't kill the plants, just makes them unsightly. See below

and this one

25 Jul, 2015


Thanks Bamboo. The weather in Scotland has been awful this summer, so I haven't really been out in the garden as much as I'd choose.
The gall had taken hold before I noticed it.
Any idea why it would affect only one of the four plants?

25 Jul, 2015


Nope - that's just the first to succumb I imagine, you might find it arrives on the others next year.

26 Jul, 2015


Hi, I get these on 1 or 2 of mine occasionally, as Bamboo says, just pull them off, Derek.

26 Jul, 2015

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