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Hi all ! ....Ihave a problem with my Aqualegia . They are full of mould spots and were growing really back garden doesnt get as much sun as the front and can stay damp longer ...could i be overwatering them ? ..i cant see any signs they are going to flower..could they still be salvaged if i gently moved them to the front and is it possible to deal with the mold ?? thanks ..San



On the assumption you've simply mistyped the name, I take it you're talking about Aquilegia? If so, these flower in mid to late spring, so you wouldn't normally expect them to flower again till next year. The foliage from earlier in the year can look very tatty, and if it does so, its usual to cut it down, in particular, removing any spent flower stems.

A photo would be very useful though - not sure what you mean by mould spots - white spots? black or brown spots? actual fungal growth? Are they in pots or in the ground?

26 Jul, 2015

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