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Here is my poor dappled willow. As you can see from the base, it looks like two trees. The right side is drying up and leaves are crispy and falling off. My husband wants to cut the offending branches off, I want to save it and wait to see what happens. Not all of the branches on this side attached to this particular trunk are wilting, some still look very healthy, and they are not attached to the left side at all. What do you think?

2015_07_28_001 2015_07_28_002 2015_07_28_003



Hmm, well, it doesn't look 'dappled' any more to me. This plant's real name is Salix Hakuro Nishiki, and it should start the year with leaves which are pale green, cream and tinged with pink, image here:-

Later in the season, the leaves pale down to just cream and green, but I'm not seeing any of that on this plant, the leaves all seem to be plain green, not to mention larger than they should be. Now that might be just a trick of the light in the photo, but is any of this plant variegated in any way at all?

I'm just wondering if a different rootstock has been used and has taken over quite a lot of the plant, which would explain all the green leaves... and maybe the bit that's died back now was the remainder of the original variety....

28 Jul, 2015


The link you sent with a picture is exactly what my willow looked like early in the season. It was beautiful! The past few weeks it has turned somewhat all green, but yes, it does still have that dappled look on some of the branches. I love this plant and want to keep it, but now I'm worried. I am going to trim it a bit and see what happens. The branches that have the dried bits are still soft and green underneath (I did a little scratching) so I'm hopeful. I would take a cutting into a local garden centre here but from experience I find the employees pretty useless when it comes to diagnosing problems. Maybe I'll have to wait a whole year to find out if it's going to survive or not. Thanks for your input!

28 Jul, 2015


Well there's no obvious disease apart from this die back, not even at the base of the plant, and the cause of that could be environmental, i.e., its been caught by a weedkiller spray or those parts got frazzled by hot sun, if you had any. So fingers crossed that's all it is...

28 Jul, 2015


Willow roots very easily so you could take a cutting as insurance in case the trouble spreads.

29 Jul, 2015

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