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This question may be deleted,
as I'm not sure if it is a gardening, biology or physics question, but here goes.
I can't help but notice that runner beans always climb up the poles anti-clockwise, (northern hemisphere). water goes down the plug hole clockwise.
I am told, on the southern hemisphere, water goes down the plughole the other way, so does this mean beans climb the pole the other way also?
If so what happens on the equator.
I have often pondered this, and asked many people
to no avail.
Is there anyone who lives in the southern hemisphere who can help?



It is almost certainly not due to Earth-spin. It is mostly hormonal factors that make one side of the shoot grow faster than the other that enable the shoots to spiral.

28 Jul, 2015


Water doesn't always go clockwise, and it doesn't have to go anti clockwise in Australia. Some people say its the Coriolis effect that means it doesn't matter where you are in the world, but others deny that.

and Coriolis effect here

As for runner beans climbing anti clockwise, here are two contradicting references:

and one saying they grow anti clockwise from this site

Given there seems to be some argument about whether beans grow clockwise or anti clockwise in Britain, I'm willing to bet that Australian bean growers also have the same argument...

28 Jul, 2015


I have read the suggested pages with interest,
I guess there is no definitive answer, like most subjects there is always contradictory evidence.
"The exception proves the rule" comes to mind, but that's a different subject ! ! !
thanks for helping me try to understand, but probably more confused now than ever. :)


just had a thought, ouch ! ! ! !
perhaps it's because you see things upside down in Australia, it appears to be the opposite way round,
he! he! he!

29 Jul, 2015


Well, upside down or not, you can be sure that when water goes down the plughole in Australia, it won't look much different from when it goes down the plughole here!

29 Jul, 2015

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