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I tho't my dwarf variegated willow was dead....brown, brittle leaves with no new growth. Had a tree service inspect it, and they also tho't it was dead, so lopped it off at ground level, to grind out stump in fall. Immediately the remaining trunk started sending out many shoots, now 4-5 ft. tall, but look nothing like the original tree. It's an unattractive bush at this point, but I don't know what to think. Anyone have any experience with this?



Yes - your original tree was grafted onto a different rootstock. When the tree people cut it down, they removed the dead, grafted part, leaving the rootstock in place, and didn't kill it or bore the roots out, and that's what you've now got growing. If they're coming back in the Fall to bore it out, they'll have some more cutting back to do first...

28 Jul, 2015


And, knowing willows, probably applying SBK, too.

31 Jul, 2015

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