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Ok I need help again. I bought this plant, it didn't have a tag. What is it called?




Looks like the house plant tradescantia to me.

29 Jul, 2015


Yes,definitely a Tradescantia..I did once plant one in a hanging basket for the summer,as a trailing plant,but it won't survive any longer than that...easy to take cuttings from,if you want more..

29 Jul, 2015


Yep! I have a Tradescantia, I used to grow loads of them in a hanging water ornament indoors, they are so easy to grow cuttings, pop them in something that holds water & they soon root then plant up in compost, nice in a hanging basket indoors.

29 Jul, 2015


Tradescantia zebrina to be precise ...

29 Jul, 2015


I put one of the plain green ones in a hanging basket last year, on one of the fruit trees, then forgot to get it in for the winter! Because of the mild winter we had it survived and is now back to full strength, but I will try to remember to get it in this year!

29 Jul, 2015


Thank you so much to everybody!

29 Jul, 2015

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