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I was scrolling back through pages of questions during a bout of insomnia and came upon the question of saplings appearing in a lawn. I recently had an old wisteria removed to allow paving in the area. ( it was too big for a bungalow anyway). But despite assurances from the landscaper that the roots had been removed I have noticed a wisteria shoot appear in a flowerbed about 3 yards away. I love wisteria really and my question is - if I leave this to grow can it be trained into a standard and how to do it. It'll be easier to leave the wisteria in situ than remove everything else to try and find the root.



There are standard Wisteria. Never done it, but the theory is simple. Allow it to grow upwards, fastened to a stake. Remove all side shoots when small, but leave the top growth alone. Do that until it reaches the desired height. Then pinch out the top to encourage it to branch and dangle down.
Read up on creating Standard Fuchias or Roses for a longer explanation.

29 Jul, 2015


If your original wisteria was grafted, the shoot coming out is the seedling it was grafted on--probably still good flowers, but different from original, and maybe slow to bloom.

31 Jul, 2015

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