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when will it be safe to replant a large asia from a pot to the ground.



Well, in theory,you could do it now, provided you dig the soil over well beforehand and make sure the hole you make is the same size and shape as the existing rootball. But you will need to pay particular attention to watering once you've planted, and that means 5/10 litres every five days up till late autumn, unless the weather is very wet and very cool. Otherwise, wait till October, when the plant is becoming dormant, and plant then, water in and leave it over winter to settle in. I'm assuming you mean Acer when you say asia - if you have limey or alkaline soil, it won't like that much, its okay with neutral or acid ph.

29 Jul, 2015


Make sure you plant it out of the wind and in semi shade too.

29 Jul, 2015

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