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Hi again does any body no what cover crop to use on my veg patch



You could sow something like mustard and then dig it in come early spring personally Bulba and I decided it wasn't worth it. Dig over in autumn, let the weather and frost break the soil down and then add good organic matter in early spring.

29 Jul, 2015


Other people use clover and some alfalfa. I've never done it either.

29 Jul, 2015


Snag with clover is, it i hard to get rid of!

29 Jul, 2015


Thanks but it doesn't seem worth it so I'll give it a miss cheers

30 Jul, 2015


Sure is MG. I think its mostly farmers that use it for the nitrogen. Dave just put a nice mulch on - even lawn mowings or chopped leaves make a difference to the soil texture and if you are worried about nitrogen depletion when it rots down you can always throw a bit of Growmore on it in spring.

30 Jul, 2015


Cover the veg patch with a layer of fallen leaves in autumn and just leave it to decompose all winter. Work it into the soil in Spring. This brings in earthworms which are the real heros of a healthy garden.

1 Aug, 2015

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