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Hi there. I have a very healthy looking parrot plant I grew from a cutting. It is absolutely covered in ants, and they have laid their eggs around the base of the stems near the flowers. They have eaten a couple of leaves, but that doesn't worry me. What should I do? If they are going to harm the plant then I want rid of them, but don't want to kill an entire colony if they're harmless. Thanks



ants on plants usually means an infestation of aphids - ants don't eat plants, but the other possibility is they've made a nest in the pot if its standing outside, particularly on a patio or stone surface. They don't lay eggs on the top of the soil either, they have those inside their nests in the soil. Turn out of the pot and check for ant activity in there, spray the topgrowth with a pesticide for aphids.

25 Jul, 2010

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