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Can I divide an Aquilegia and if so, when?



not sure why you would want to do this as they grow readily from seed...

24 Jul, 2010


No, you can't divide them - they don't form clumps. Just scatter the seeds around where you want more of them.

24 Jul, 2010


aquilegia is a tap rooted plant - you can't divide, as already suggested grow from seed.

25 Jul, 2010


Thanks....will the seed produce plants of the same colour as the parent plant?

25 Jul, 2010


maybe, maybe not. Depends what colours you and neighbours grow. Purple seems dominant....

25 Jul, 2010


Purple would be my preference so I'll leave all the seedling that have already started growing and see what I end up with. Thanks Beattie.

25 Jul, 2010


You can have a close look at the seedlings when they're about 2" - 3" high. The ones that will have purple flowers have a bluish/ purply colouring on the stems. Pink flowered ones are just green and the stems of ones that will have white flowers look a bit "wisht" (peaky, pale, paler green). Have a look at what you have and you'll probably get your eye in.

25 Jul, 2010


Wow Beattie you certainly know your Aquilegia seedlings....indeed a seedling I have from last year has very blueish leaves that I notice are the same colour as the parent plant so fingers crossed it'll be the colour I want. Again many thanks.

26 Jul, 2010

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