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hi had slight mishap with my cherry tree my mum was pruning behind it and she slipped off the ladder and grabbed hold of it and one of the branches snapped off but not cleanly so there is like a woundy thing on the branch and im concerned it could be way in for disease or bugs is there anything i can apply to it to seal it up other than a waterproof plaster haha ... hope someone can help . thanks alison



I suggest you cut that branch off cleanly and keep an eye on, a badly damaged branch is always a weak point for a tree

25 Jul, 2010


There is a wound seal you can buy for trees you would need to check if its suitable for cherry trees though? It needs to be applied immediately after the cut.

25 Jul, 2010


Arbrex is what Drc is thinking of - check it can be used for cherries, as she says, and follow Moongrower's advice too. A clean cut with no ragged edges is best.

25 Jul, 2010


Thanks Bamboo Arbrex!

25 Jul, 2010


many thanks everyone will do that .. alison

26 Jul, 2010

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