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What is this squash/gourd? I have already eaten them and they taste like courgette. The skin is a little bit thicker than a courgette. Inside nice and soft and tasty when cooked. I got the seed from a mixed out of date packet (about 3 years out) and am surprised at the bumper crop we have had. They are only small though, about 10cm long and if I leave them on too long they seem to stop producing more for a while. Just like courgettes would I suppose. Id really like to know what type they are (so that I can get more seeds) as it didn't say on the pack. Pack reads 'Small Fruited Gourds'. That is it. Not one other useful detail. Just lots of different gourds of all shapes sizes and colours on a pic, none of which look anything like these.
Appreciate your help!




It looks like a crookneck squash to me, though many gourds are edible when young. Small gourds are also the same species as both courgettes and crooknecks (Cucurbita melo) and will cross with them if grown too near.

31 Jul, 2015


I'm going to leave some to grow towards the end of season and see what happens. They are smooth skinned and as they get bigger they start to lighten in colour in patches. A sort of creamy yellow/white rather than fully yellow like in the picture. They are lovely to look at. I took 6 seeds from this pack and all have done well, but I have only the one vine like this. All the others appear to be winter varieties of different gourds/pumpkin. I'm definitely going to do more summer squash next year. Besides my usual regular green courgettes.

I thought crookneck as well, when I was search the web, only they don't have the crook neck at all on any that have grown up to now. Not even the slightest bend. They also appear to stop growing when they get to about palm size. I just like the fact there are so many on one vine. They have been my favourite so far this year.

31 Jul, 2015


Maybe its just a gourd, then. Since gourd seeds in mixed packets are often open pollinated, this one may not have an actual variety name.

1 Aug, 2015

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