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Hello. I have grown 5 Apple trees from seed and I was wondering if I can keep them as a 5' espalier? I haven't put them on root stock. I can't remember what breed they are as I planted them a year ago. But think they may be braeburn.



Well, I'm sorry to tell you that even if you collected seeds from a Braeburn, what you're growing won't be the same. Apples don't come true from seed, so you could have anything growing, no idea whether they'll fruit (not for some years) or how large each seedling will eventually become. Since you don't know what they are, nor even whether the fruit will be good to eat or not, you could just take a risk and espalier them, if you like.

31 Jul, 2015


Thank you. I was pretty sure that was going to be the answer. I'll just put my hand in my pocket I think and buy some ones I know will work and I'll plant the ones I've grown on my mother's farm.

31 Jul, 2015


Ooh, you mother might not be that grateful if they turn into 50 foot thorny monsters;-))

31 Jul, 2015

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