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Louth, Ireland Ie

I had a great candelabra primrose display this last 4/5 weeks - the tall stems are silver with some pops of great pink & coral still very pretty. I wonder if I were to cut some of them back would they sprout more flower stems?

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Primulas like these often have a second flowering later in the summer but it is never as good as the main flowering. I don't think that cutting the stems off would be of any benefit. It is not something that I do as I collect the ripened seed from ours.

1 Aug, 2015


Yes, of course should have remembered that as mine have self seeded themselves in our wet garden. Is there much involved in collecting the seed & sewing on? It would produce more lovely primroses, thanks for your help.

1 Aug, 2015


Allowing them to self-seed is the easiet way to increase plants in that area, Jo, but there is a lot of pleasue to be gained from deliberately growing them yourself.
Allow the seed to ripen on the stem. You have so many potential seed pods that you can wait until the first ones have gone brown and split open before starting to collect some seed - don't go mad, there is enough seed in that pictire for a thousand pots or more! I prefer to sow straight away. Take a three or four inch diametre pot of loam based seed compost and sow the seeds on top of this. Cover with a layer of grit, LABLE the pot and leave it outside in a shady position. With luck the seed will germinate next spring and you just grow them on as with other seeds. In Ireland these candelabra plants should grow readily.

1 Aug, 2015


Thanks, I may experiment with a few seeds later this year. They certainly grow well in Ireland...all we have at the moment is grey skies & more rain so looking good for the primroses!

2 Aug, 2015

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