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I think I planted this but cannot find in my plant diary. It is massive and could be the biggest weed in any garden in my village!! Any ideas folks??

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Ahhh my favourite. It's a herbaceous perennial called Hellenium. Lots of varieties which are very similar, my guess on that one would be either Sahin's early flowerer or Moreheim beauty.

Sorry, just looked again and it's the other plant you're talking about, not the Helenium, which i guess is a weed.

1 Aug, 2015


I think its one of the Artimesias, probaby mugwort, A. vulgaris if the leaves are smooth on top and white and woolly underneath.

1 Aug, 2015


Definitely one of the Artemisias. Roots go down to the Antipodes and curl round a Palm tree.

1 Aug, 2015



1 Aug, 2015


Thanks for your replies although not good to hear about those roots!! It does have medicinal qualities so maybe I can open an apothecary!!

3 Aug, 2015

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