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Styrax japonica: when is the best time to sow seeds, and should they be soaked first? Thanks.



Hi, sow the seeds as soon as they're ripe, keep them at 59f for 3 months, then keep them between 32 - 41f for another 3 months, then keep the seedlings frost free until they're established, then grow in moist but well drained, fertile, humus rich, neutral to acid soil in full sun or partial shade, but they do reach 30ft high, with a spread of 25ft, if you already have 1, you can take greenwood cuttings in summer, Derek.

1 Aug, 2015


Many thanks Derek . . . I have 10 seeds from a company called RP seeds, so I will just try half for now, and do as you recommend. Do you have this tree yourself?

1 Aug, 2015


Hi Sheila, no I don't have this, my garden isn't big enough for a tree with that much spread unfortunately, Derek.

1 Aug, 2015


. . unless you grow one in a pot, Derek? I had one in a large-ish pot last year - it grew to about 5 ft, spread only about 18". Very pretty!

1 Aug, 2015


Hi Sheila, well yes I suppose you could grow 1 in a large pot, for a while, but I'm a great believer in letting a tree grow to it's full potential, which it can't do in a pot, but they are lovely trees, Derek.

1 Aug, 2015


You wouldn't like my bonsais then Derek!

2 Aug, 2015

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